Document of the month: MAY 2024

In this iconic month, we highlight two groups of documents (audiovisual and photographic) dedicated to recording the siege of the PIDE/DGS installations (which began on 26 April 1974 and lasted four days) and the first 1st of May (1974) celebrated in Coimbra in freedom.


The first record, donated to the Centre by Aurélio Augusto dos Santos and authored by himself, was originally recorded on Super 8, immortalising the siege of the PIDE/DGS installations in Coimbra at the time and the popular demonstrations on the 1st of May, also in Coimbra.
The second group of documents is the photographic archive of Valdemar Ferreira Berardo de Andrade (authored by himself), which immortalised, in colour, the first 1st of May (1974) in Coimbra, in freedom.
Aurélio Augusto dos Santos, or Aurélio "Camiseiro", was a well-known shopkeeper in downtown Coimbra until the early 90s. His shop was located in Largo do Poço, where Ourivesaria Silva later stood. He was a member of the First Administrative Commission of Coimbra City Council after the 25 April Revolution. He was dedicated to various causes, such as the União de Coimbra, the Coimbra Commercial and Industrial Association and various civic movements. He was one of the first Communist militants in Coimbra to make a name for himself after going underground.
Valdemar Ferreira Berardo de Andrade served as Coimbra's District Attorney. He prefaced the book "Coimbra Profunda", a work that brings together records and notes on the history of the União de Coimbra Football Club.

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